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“To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can” – Arthur Ashe

Welcome to the commitment section, throughout this section you will be challenged and tested on your commitment to your sport. You will enhance several skills along the way and see how the elite have got to where they are through key sacrificing at key times to achieve what they have done.

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Section Breakdown

This section is broken down into 4 different levels where each section will help you enhance your commitment skills (as well as others).

Learning Objectives

Having the ability to stay committed when it matters has been one the biggest part of enhancing any skill in sport. When the pressure is turned on, we then see our true selves. Understanding what it takes to be committed is the key to this section. The three key benefits from this section are;

–         Being able to assess what a committed athlete looks like,

–         Being able to sacrifice at key times to enhance your overall performances and development,

–         Become a more committed and affective athlete,

Level 1 – Defining Commitment
Level 2 – Elite Athletes
Level 3 – Looking Forward
Level 4 – Discomfort Challenge

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Course Review



“Wow… very interesting, very challenging! I am the captain of my club and have found this section worth while”

– Brendon Freeman

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